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Compose is Production ready? Okay, Compose will hit 1.0 stable in July? Great. I’m absolutely happy with the hard work which made compose almost ready for production But I think there are some areas that need more improvement to be fully production-ready for everyday use


the Issues related to Debugging are mostly around tooling, Live Preview is somewhat buggy, sometimes it doesn’t work, sometimes it is so laggy, sometimes it displays an ambiguous error message and Once I hit the refresh button, it…

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I’m writing this article to share my story about an issue on my machine I’ve spent about 2 days solving it.

On my windows machine, I have two JDKs installed or technically speaking one JDK & one JRE, they are JDK 13.0.1 & JRE 1.8.0_271 respectively. I’m using JDK 13 99%…

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Every piece of code in any codebase has to work with some values, those values come in many forms/syntax, Some of them are variables that vary over time and some others are just constants. the latter isn’t something new in programming languages, it has been addressed by early programming languages designers and Hence they provided first-class support for declaring constants.

In Kotlin we have 3 main different options to declare a constant. One of those options is keeping the constants shared in one object, this is simple enough and doesn’t have any bad consequences for usability, maintainability or performance but…

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It is not a surprise anymore what the world of building UIs on mobile screens will be in the upcoming years, finally, we can get rid of all XML pain and rely on the reactive programming paradigm to not only build beautiful UI but also keep our code and architecture clean.

It’s been a month now since releasing the alpha version of Jetpack Compose, And it is pretty obvious that compose had been welcomed from the wider android community, Personally, I’m very excited about it and I play with it regularly to discover its new capabilities So, here in this…

definitely, there is a difference between cancelling Job and cancelling scope.

You can think of a job as the `child` of scope, So a scope can have children( but Job has only one parent. That being said cancelling a job won't cancel its siblings unlike cancelling scope which cancels children beneath it


Eager to learn more and more! I hate boilerplate. I blog to share some tips & tricks and to talk about my humble opinion.

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